by Neil Snyder

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Free Download: HIS NAME IS YAHWEH Manuscript

To download the PDF file for HIS NAME IS YAHWEH, click below to open the file and then save the opened file on your computer.  You may copy and print the manuscript as often as you want and share it with anyone you want. 


For your convenience, HIS NAME IS YAHWEH can also be purchased for $4 from the Kindle Store at http://www.amazon.com.  I published the manuscript on Kindle in response to readers' requests.  Fact is many people already have Kindle devices and many others are getting them.  There is an economic benefit to users of Kindle because the cost of downloading reading material to a Kindle device is much less than the cost of printing manuscripts.  This is the bottom line.  You now have two ways of accessing the manuscript for HIS NAME IS YAHWEH, and both of them are very economical.

Free Download: Adobe Reader

You will need Adobe Reader to open the manuscript for HIS NAME IS YAHWEH.  If you do not already have Adobe Reader on your computer, you may download it for free at the website below:


Free Download: HIS NAME IS YAHWEH PowerPoint Presentation

To download the PowerPoint presentation for HIS NAME IS YAHWEH, (1) click below, (2) save the file on your computer, and then (3) open the file.  To open the file, you must have Microsoft PowerPoint which is part of Microsoft Office.  You should read HIS NAME IS YAHWEH before making presentations.  Questions arise during presentations that you will be expected to answer correctly.  You will not be sufficiently prepared to answer these questions until you have studied the manuscript.


Free Download: HIS NAME IS YAHWEH Audio CD

The abbreviated audio presentation below for HIS NAME IS YAHWEH is divided into 14 tracks to make it easy to study.  Listening to the audio tracks is helpful, but if you plan to present the material, you should study the manuscript as well.  The files for download are in MP3 format.  You may copy and share them as often as you want.

Track 1: His Name is Yahweh.

Track 2: Jehovah is not the Name of God.

Track 3: Yahweh is God's Name forever.

Track 4: Yahweh said He is our only Savior.

Track 5: Jesus said He is Yahweh.

Track 6: Isaiah revisited.

Track 7: Peter said Jesus is Yahweh.

Track 8: Paul said Jesus is Yahweh.

Track 9: The Messiah is Yahweh.

Track 10: The Messiah's return may be soon.

Track 11: The Name Yahweh sets the Messiah apart.

Track 12: Transitioning may be difficult for some preachers.

Track 13: What about people who came to faith in Yahweh through the name Jesus?

Track 14: It's time to tell the world who God is by Name!

Free Download: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Do we all worship the same god?

Does it matter what we call God?

Is it legalistic to pay too much attention to God's Name?

Is Yahweh in the process of revealing His Name to the world again?

Is the Messiah's Name really Yahweh?

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